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Inspection and quarantine department remind: pay attention to aquatic product packaging quality is n
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In today's international market, packaging has become an integral part of the product. China's water exports are losing billions of dollars each year due to inadequate packaging.
  During the daily inspection and quarantine, the main problems in the packaging of aquatic products are:
  One is that the material is not hard enough to withstand long distance transportation and multiple handling, resulting in the breakage of the packaging body, which damages the inner quality of the product. Especially when water products become contaminated, they become defective products.
  Second, it does not meet the requirements of the "green packaging" of the importing country. The materials contain toxic elements that pollute the environment and affect health, which ultimately affect the quality of the aquatic products themselves. Other materials do not comply with environmental protection regulations.
  3. Packaging logo design and text description do not conform to the requirements and regulations of importing countries, resulting in product returns. Today, some countries have increased the standard of packaging for aquatic products from several to dozens of items. Some of the indicators are even refined to the printed level of packaging. For example, the label, as long as there is a logo on the package, even if the quality is better, it is not wrong.
  The above problems in the packaging of export water products are mainly caused by the lack of attention to the packaging of aquatic products by enterprises and merchants. In aquatic products processing and export enterprises, most of the products of the outer packing has some vague understanding, some enterprises even argue that export of aquatic products as long as their own quality, the packing doesn't matter.
For this reason, the inspection and quarantine department reminds us that the quality of the packaging of aquatic products is no small matter. It is a major issue related to the survival and development of enterprises and businesses, and should never be ignored. The export-oriented enterprises need to learn about the new packaging and the new materials, new technologies and technologies at home and abroad in order to meet the growing number of "packaging barriers" in foreign countries. Should not only pay attention to collect new requirements on packing in the international market, especially the technical inspection, export commodity packaging requirements and standards, and to study understand importer for environmental requirements of the packaging, as well as the importer of the traditional culture and patterns, characters and taboo on packing requirements, etc. Only give full play to the functions of packaging, can promote the export of aquatic products, enhancing the economic value of aquatic products, promote the development of aquaculture, the aquatic product packaging industry become a new bright spot of economic development.
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