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The United States will continue to strictly monitor the quality and safety of seafood imported from
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  Recently, the United States house Democrats are pushing for food safety legislation, require all food production and processing of origin label, and for the production of food manufacturers and importers us $2000 in special charges; The FDA makes mandatory inspections of food production and food safety programs every four years, and gives the FDA the power to force recalls of products.

  The FDA also said it would continue to strictly monitor the quality of seafood imported from China, while continuing to work closely with Chinese authorities to ensure the safety of Chinese food and drug imports.

  The U.S. imports most of its seafood annually, and China is the largest supplier of seafood to the United States. Last year, the United States launched an alert plan to inspect Chinese shrimp, catfish, and other requirements for Chinese imports of seafood from China. Since the warning plan was implemented in June last year, the us has detained 2,964 Chinese seafood, of which 1387 have passed the inspection.

  The bill, if implemented, is expected to generate $600 million in revenue for the FDA, twice the FDA's annual budget. But it has made my domestic exporters face a more severe export situation.

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