Look who just tweeted some love for Rachel Florio PR...
@Beverleymitchel  Beverley Mitchell

@CelebBabyTrends @DesignerDiaperz I think she might have to rock them! ;)     

@Beverleymitchel  Beverley Mitchell

@CelebBabyTrends so cute! Those @DesignerDiaperz look adorable!     

@ToriAndDean  Tori Spelling

Sending ♥ to celeb baby trend expert @Rachel_Florio for all of the amazing gifts she and her brands sent to me! LOVE all of it!

@SarahDrewGreys  Sarah Drew

@Rachel_Florio thanks so much for sending @ForTwoFitness products my way! I'm in love with my new pants and top. They are so comfy!!     


Rachel Florio-Urso

As an in-demand trend expert, Rachel Florio-Urso is known for placing hot new maternity, baby, child and tween products on highly-rated blogs, in print and on television. Many A-list celebrity moms such as Gwen Stefani, Tori Spelling, Katie Holmes, Mariah Carey and their reps look to Rachel for wardrobe, gear, toys and trends. Rachel's T.V. segments have aired on CNN, The Today Show, The Early Show, Inside Edition, EXTRA!, and many more...

Rachel is also the well-respected CEO of Rachel Florio PR. “Any PR firm can promise you promotions, goody bags, and launch events, but few can offer you strong editorial relationships and premium placement.” For more than a decade, she has worked with the top editors and stylists around the globe to place brands in the spotlight on shows like SEX IN THE CITY and in publications like PEOPLE and the NEW YORK TIMES.

Rachel Florio PR clients know she has a proven track record in producing timely and effective media placements for their products.

"How does Rachel do it?" First, she is extremely focused and very organized. With her extensive existing roster, she only wants to add new business where she feels that she can ethically devote quality time to all of her clients. Rachel is constantly evaluating and consulting on consumer products, web site presentation and key media outlets for every client, old or new!

If your brand has anything to do with maternity, baby, child or family travel, Rachel Florio-Urso is the right publicist for you.

Rachel Florio-Urso is the founder and CEO of Rachel Florio PR, CelebrityBabyTrends.com and Family Fun Day Sunday.

You will find her pitching products and services on 'Rachel's Haul', a Scripps Networks Ulive Family digital program on YouTube, as well as hosting interviews in the ENK Children's Club Media Lounge.

Rachel is a proud wife, mother of six, humanitarian, and local soccer coach who is truly passionate in all that she does.